Geometry and…

29.10.2020 – 11.12.2020
“Elektrownia” Centre of Contemporary Art in Radom
Mikołaja Kopernika 1, Radom, Poland


“Geometry and …” is an exhibition that shows a fragment of the collection of the geometric trend in the collections of the Mazowieckie Center for Contemporary Art Elektrownia in Radom. The collection of 415 works by eighty-one artists.

This collection was created in the years 2009 – 2018, it is the aftermath of the International Open-Air Workshops for Artists Using the Language of Geometry, organized in the Palace in Radziejowice by the “Elektrownia”, under the supervision of Dr. Bożena Kowalska. These workshops were a continuation of the cycle created and directed by this outstanding art historian and critic since 1985. There were thirty-six of them in total and they resulted in collections of contemporary art, the geometric trend, in Chełm (Galeria 72), Orońsko (CRP) and Radom (“Elektrownia”). It is impossible, in one exhibition, to show all the works of the collection of Bożena Kowalska, which is part of the Radom Collection of Contemporary Art, located today in the “Elektrownia”.

A choice was made based on the suggestions of the author of Plein Air. The proposal concerned 194 works. The exhibition will be accompanied by a publication presenting the entire collection of the post-plein-air achievements. It will be the second volume describing the Radom Collection of Contemporary Art. The exhibition “Geometry and …” is the culminating moment of the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the Mazovian Center for Contemporary Art Elektrownia in Radom.

Zbigniew Belowski