Internet project

This artistic project is about a global manifestation of geometric art that is aware of its time.
The name COVIMETRY comes from the combination of two words: COVID (Corona Virus Disease) and GEOMETRY (any trend of geometric art).

Several distinct artistic strategies can be seen in the submitted works:
1. Mask as passe-partout. The previously prepared image / object / photo is put on the mask as in the passe-partout.
2. Mask as a canvas. Artwork is specially prepared for the shape of a mask, like American shaped canvas from the 1970s.
3. Mask as a fragment. Part of the picture is cut out by the shape of the mask.
4. Mask as inspiration. Pictures based on tautology or the study of the shape and structure of the mask.
5. Mask as an excuse/pretext. Interdiscursive, multimedia, intermedia and transmedia art open to various experiments.
6. Mask as animation, video, monitor, screen.
7. Beyond the mask. Other realizations on the entire A4 plane (11,69 x 8,26 in.), with optional use of the mask shape. Any media, techniques and technologies.
curator: Mark Starel

Title of the album and exhibitions: COVIMETRYThis artistic project is about a global manifestation of geometric art…

Gepostet von Mark Starel am Dienstag, 28. Juli 2020